196 lines to go before the end of Troilus and Criseyde Book IV... I swear, when I'm done with this one, I don't want to hear about Troy for at least 25 years.

I've been having a headache for several hours but still continued working on Troilus and Cryseide until I read these lines: "right as a man is esed for to feel / For ache of hed to clawen hym on his heele!".

Well, I've tried and I can confirm it doesn't work...

I guess it's time for a Mastodon ! I'm a research associate ( - ) at Université Grenoble Alpes. My research focuses on the linguistic and cultural evolution of medieval England, with a particular interest in the polyphony of Chaucer’s work. I'm currently working on a new edition/translation of Chaucer's poetry for Classiques Garnier.
But I'm interested in all things medieval, and I hope to reconnect with my Twitter colleagues and friends here!

Mastodon -- Sciences.Re

Sciences.Re souhaite offrir un espace de partage, de collaboration et de discussion en ligne pour la communauté scientifique, académique, éducative francophone. Elle est sans coloration thématique: nous accueillions les sciences exactes et expérimentales, les sciences humaines et sociales, …