GDPR friends, has anyone written a guide to running a compliant Mastodon instance? I reckon it's probably relatively easy, but it would help people thinking about setting up. See discussion between @wblau and @blaine below.


@robin @wblau @blaine Hello,
I recently wrote a registry of processing activites for Mastodon, it's available here :

Please note that being « compliant » depends of your country, because GDPR has exceptions for legal obligations that depend on the country

@robin @wblau @blaine By no mean it's full enough / good enough, and i'll keep working on it (especially with the upcoming migration to 4.0*), but it's a start.

For the record, here is an example of such a ROPA, unfortunately it's only available in French :

@blaine @wblau @RGrunblatt @robin Amazing!

I’m not qualified to judge this in detail, but it looks very thorough. In practice, this structure shouldn’t take an instance owner too long to fill in.

Conceivably there could even be ready-made text blocks for widely used hosters (eg. Hetzner) and contract types.

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